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GCLiPP (Global Cross-Linking Protein Purification)

A Biochemical Technique for detecting RNA Binding Protein Occupancy Transcriptome-Wide

To identify putative RNA cis-regulatory elements in an unbiased manner, the Ansel Lab has developed GCLiPP, a biochemical technique that maps RNA binding protein (RBP)-occupied regions transcriptome-wide (Litterman, Zhu et al). Thagomizer was designed to host these datasets in a format easily accessible to the research community.

A Brief Primer on


High-Throughput Sequencing of RNA

Isolated by Crosslinking Immunoprecipitation

HITS-CLIP is a biochemical technique that generates transcriptome-wide maps of the RNA binding sites of specific RBPs (Licatalosi et al, 2008). MicroRNA binding can be inferred by performing HITS-CLIP with antibodies against Argonaute (Ago) proteins (Chi et al, 2009; Loeb, Khan et al, 2012)

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